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5 franchises that will probably outlive us all

Remember the first time you got your hands on a controller, jumped into a whole new world with characters you’ve never heard or seen before, learning about entire universes and forming bonds with certain characters and enduring...


UPDATE: Is Mario getting a new voice actor?

UPDATE: Charles Martinete has updated his profile with the following: Hi! Sorry for the concern… I am still the voice of Mario, Luigi, Wario, Baby Mario and Baby Luigi… waaa! Sorry… and WaLuigi too… I think fu...


11 Games that defined a console

When I say ‘PSOne’, the first thing that will pop into your head will either be, the grey box that sat under your parents’ TV set, or a specific game that was launched during the time of that console. So, I de...


Voice Actor Tuesday: Charles Martinet

If you have played a Nintendo game before, you have probably heard this man’s voice. Charles Martinet, to me, is Mario. Ever since 1995, if you heard Mario speak, it was this man bringing life to the character. For a char...


Check out Mario’s dark side in this new GTA 5 mod

Mario has been a pretty happy-go-lucky guy for many years. Even when he got to the last level in Bowser’s castle and discovered that the princess was in another castle he kept his cool. He didnt freak out or punch anyone,...


Super Mario-Themed Hot Wheels Could Be Coming Soon

Mattel are famed for their iconic Hot Wheels car range. It only seems prudent that as a 30th anniversary celebration of the Mario franchise that Nintendo team up with the toy manufacturer to produce six Super Mario-themed Hot W...


Review: Dr Mario: Miracle Cure (3DS)

Is this latest edition of the long-running Mario sub-series just what the doctor ordered or is it merely a placebo?

E3 2015

An 8-Bit Mario amiibo?

Are you ready to sing Adele’s Rumour Has It? Well, another ‘fantastic’ rumour is running around and it’s one that might get people very excited. According to various news sites, Nintendo of Europe upload...