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Make sure to get your ORBS now – Fire Emblem Heroes

Nintendo and Intelligent Systems are treating fans once again with another update/event for their mobile strategy RPG Fire Emblem Heroes. This time players get to battle it out through special maps that grant more Orbs than usu...


Gain 1.5x more experience in Fire Emblem Heroes

Along with the release of new heroes recently in Fire Emblem Heroes, Nintendo is also launching a special event that will allow players to boost the amount of experience earned for their characters. The event is already live an...


Ultra Street Fighter II let’s you hadouken in first-person

Even though Capcom decided to drop updated re-releases for Street Fighter V, they had to try and get the incessant need to do so out of their system somehow. The Nintendo Switch will receive an updated release of Street Fighter...


New Heroes have come to Fire Emblem Heroes

Since its launch almost two weeks ago Fire Emblem Heroes has had quite a number of updates. Special events are retracted and added to the game hourly, daily and some even last the month. These special events (special maps) are ...


Updated: $10k Worth of SNES games for Preservation Effort lost in post (possibly stolen)

Update: There has been a big update to the story of the missing SNES games and it only seems to get worse. It appears the package that many thought was a victim of Post Office incompetence might be a lot more nefarious. In a ne...


Konami reveals Super Bomberman R’s opening cinematic

The Nintendo Switch is just a few weeks away from launch now (*screams like a fan girl*) and with the launch we shall see launch titles. Super Bomberman R is one of these titles and Konami has been kind enough to share the open...


Updated: Nintendo has stopped producing the NES Mini Classic

Update: Good news, Nintendo has come through with a statement and claimed that this is indeed a false rumour: Original: Rumours are silly things – it’s either real and you should be worried, or it’s some rando...