The Burning Question: Have you ever used hacking tools in a game?

Have you ever used a hacking tool to get an edge in a game? We want to know.

Blizzard is ramping up Overwatch’s penalties for bad behaviour

Be careful if you are naughty, because Blizzard is ramping up against toxic players.

Games as a service is good for gaming in the long run: Ubisoft CEO

Yves Guillemot wants to tap into the games as a service to provide new experiences.

Overwatch, Hearthstone and Heroes drop rates in South Korea are same as Chinese drops

With drop rates exactly the same in China and Korea, many hope that they are identical all over the world.

Doomfist smashes his way onto Overwatch PTR

Meet the 25th hero in Overwatch, and get ready for a Rocket Punch.

Overwatch loot boxes will give you less duplicates in future

Hopefully the end of those 4 duplicate loot boxes.

Overwatch reimagined as a JRPG

Random encounters, ATB and your favourite FF music while Overwatch characters fight it out.

In China, Overwatch players can buy credits at ludicrous prices

Buying credits to get the skin you really want? If you happen to be an oil magnate, maybe.

10 ways that Overwatch could improve on its loot boxes

Overwatch's current legendary heavy event is making fans upset. Here are a few ways they could fix it.

Overwatch as a new player – hopping in during the Anniversary event

Overwatch draws you in with incredible cinematics and lore, but then we all fight over a flag for hours...

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