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Pokémon Sun and Moon finally achieves a successful Global Mission

While Pokémon Sun and Moon has been a success post launch, there’s one facet that always fell short: the Global Missions. Since its launch last year, the first two missions ended in total failure. However, the third missi...


Pokémon Sun and Moon’s Global Mission has its second epic fail

Boy oh boy, things are not looking good for Pokémon Sun and Moon lately, especially with regards to the latest feature in Sun & Moon: Global Missions. The first Global Mission was a total catastrophe and its second attempt ...


The first Pokémon Sun and Moon Global Mission is a flop

Whoops, seems like the goal of the first ever Pokémon Sun and Moon global mission was a little too big for everyone to complete. If you’re not in the know, Sun and Moon features a new system where you can participate in g...


Review: Pokémon Moon (3DS)

Get your colourful shirts ready, it's going to be a sunny time in Alola!


Use Pokémon stickers in Twitter

Pokémon fans rejoice. In just a few days we’ll finally get to pick our new starters in Pokémon Sun & Moon. To celebrate the occasion with us, Twitter has included a few little stickers to add to your image tweets. Fol...


New Pokémon Sun and Moon leak mentions version exclusives (spoilers ahead)

Guess which game got another leak? Yup, just days before its release Pokémon Sun and Moon received yet another leak, however, I do think this one is an important one as version exclusives can sway me in one direction. I’m...


Pokémon Sun & Moon starter mid evolutions revealed in latest trailer

A brand new trailer for Pokémon Sun & Moon dropped revealing some new details about the game, the first evolutions for the Alola starter Pokémon and a demo release date. First up, the evolutions. The interwebs have been inu...


Pokémon Sun and Moon’s CE will have a strategy guide

Looking forward to spending an inordinate amount of time in Alola this November? Well, now you can journey through Pokémon Sun and Moon with the aid of a strategy guide. A wonderful new guide will be available when the game lau...