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SA Gamer Awards 2016: Best Racing Game

If there’s one thing that’s certain it’s that we’ll see several racing titles launching annually to please those of us who have petrol racing through our veins. 2016 saw its fair share of racing games, b...


Blast from the Past: Project Gotham Racing (Xbox)

After all these years it seems it's run out of kudos


The Burning Question: Where have all the arcade racers gone?

There has always been a distinct line between simulation racing games and arcade racers that break the rules and allow you to do everything that should not be possible. Problem is that it’s changed a bit lately. The arcad...

SA Gamer Awards 2015

SA Gamer Awards 2015: Best Racing Game

There’s not a year that goes by without a relatively decent racing game and 2015 was no different. There were two racing games in particular that went head-to-head as the best simulation racing game and one walked away vi...


These are the cars you can VROOM VROOM in Need for Speed

I have never been a lover of racing games, or track racing games to be more specific. I would usually get to a point where I just don’t know how to improve and don’t really have the patience to learn. I have always ...


Have your gaming preferences changed over time?

Gamers are a special bunch, we have such various tastes in what we play, whether it be something with a good story, good gameplay, fun multiplayer or a combination of all the ingredients to make the ULTIMATE GAME! But how have ...


Video: The new WRC 5 trailer gets dirty

Not so long ago we showcased a developer diary that explains where the team plans to take the franchise next, but now there’s an announcement trailer that shows off everything the game has to offer. It’s another one...


MotoGP 15 Launch Trailer Goes Vroom Vrooooooom

I used to love MotoGP games, but mostly because it reminded of the motorbike games at the arcades. Playing at home has never quite been the same though I have seen a pretty decent improvement in the games over time. I didn̵...