Release date

Sonic Forces bringing the customisation this November

Waiter, there's a little Persona in my Sonic stew.

Hiveswap: Act 1 releases five years after Kickstarter

Five years later, we finally have a release date for episode 1 of Hiveswap.

Developer Illfonic assures fans they have not abandoned Friday the 13th

The developer assures fans that the game won't be ignored and left to die like Jason was by the counselors.

Cyberpunk Horror game, Observer, comes out mid August

The team that brought you Layers of Fear is about to scare your pants off in a cyberpunk setting

Undertale is coming to PS4 in August, collector’s edition announced

Undertale finally heads away from PC, hopping into your heart and your PS4 in August.

Prepare to get SUPERHOT on PS4 next week

The bullet ballet is makes its way to PS4, before it heads into VR.

Oceanhorn comes to Nintendo Switch 22 June 2017

The Zelda-esque game for Nintendo Switch gets a confirmed release date.

FIFA 18 reveal trailer runs circles around the competition

Watch CR7 tear up the pitch in this FIFA 18 reveal trailer.

New free-to-play FPS title Argo announced by Bohemia Interactive

Who doesn't like a free shooty shoot game? Free-to-play FPS with no micro-transactions? Sign us up!

Divinity Original Sin 2 will officially launch in September

Not much longer until you can get your hardcore RPG on.

Telltale’s The Walking Dead Third Season concludes next week

The Walking Dead - a New Frontier is set to end in a surprising timely manner.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 gets a release date

Get ready to dribble, shield and outplay your opponents in the next football game from Konami.

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