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Video: First look at Sonic Forces

Last week we brought you the sad news of Sonic Mania being delayed as SEGA believes in producing quality games instead of releasing games early. Along with that, we mentioned that we’re waiting for new footage on another ...


Sonic Mania has been delayed

Today, SEGA made announcements regarding some games in the company’s Sonic the Hedgehog franchise which includes the official name reveal for Project Sonic as well as the delay of Sonic Mania. Sonic 2017 is now Sonic Forc...


Dawn of War III release date set for deployment

War is dawning and the sun will rise upon bloodshed in late April. Dawn of War III, the long awaited sequel in the phenomenal RTS franchise is coming out April 27th. Another romp through the gory brutality of the Warhammer 40,0...


Review: Yakuza 0 (PS4)

There may be nothing glamourous about a life of crime but this prequel to the Yakuza series makes it too enjoyable to pass up.


Sega dishing out weekly Yakuza 0 DLC for free

Yakuza 0 is out now in the west. As a long-time fan that sentence is still thrilling to say. While just the game being in my hands is great enough, Sega is sweetening the deal. Every week, Sega will be pushing out free DLC unti...


Streets of Rage, Altered Beast and other classics getting the film and TV treatment

It looks like some of the biggest games from the SEGA Genesis era such as Streets of Rage, Altered Beast and Shinobi are all being made in to either films or TV shows. Producer Marc Platt who worked on Scott Pilgrim vs. the Wor...


Blast From The Past: Golden Axe (Sega Mega Drive)

A fully Axe-cessible title with Golden gameplay


Blast From The Past: Altered Beast (SEGA Mega Drive)

Rise From Your Grave! (and then return)