Video: Take a behind the scenes look at Insomniac’s Spider-Man game

Will this Spider-Man game hit or miss? The series has a history of the webslinger going splat.

Opinion: Can all this pixel counting please just 4K right off!?

Mention resolution as the selling point of something one more time, I dare you.

Sony pulls ‘Easiest Platinum Ever’ from PSN

The game that only exists to give you a quick platinum trophy gets pulled, but how did it get on the store in the first place?

Fumito Ueda has a list of things he would like changed in SOTC remake

Ueda has a few ideas of what should be tweaked by Bluepoint.

Sony confirms the makers of Infamous are working on something new

Expect to see something from Sucker Punch at one of this year's other gaming shows.

Spider-Man: Homecoming VR Experience announced by Sony Pictures

Rabobi Rabobi yanga sizwe Rabobi. Mzeweki bo yangangana.

Sony provides defence for refusing cross-play

Sony wants to protect your children from the evils of online, or something.

Monster Hunter World coming to PS4, Xbox One & PC 2018

Get ready for the Monster Hunter mania to take over the world.

Minecraft would have had cross-play with PS4, but Sony refused

Microsoft is seeking to unify Minecraft players on all platforms, but Sony is being difficult.

The Burning Question: What are you hoping will be announced at E3?

What do you want to see at E3? Or what do you really really not want to see?

Dragon Quest XI gets magical new screenshots for PS4 and 3DS

Dragon Quest XI manages to look good on both platforms by using two different graphic styles.

Sony officially ends production of the PlayStation 3

Cheers PlayStation 3, thanks for everything.

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