Livestream: Buckle up for some Assassin’s Creed: Origins

It is kinda still back to school Wednesday because we are learning about ancient Egypt today.

Video: As a first time Destiny player, here is what Dave likes most about Destiny 2

It looks like Dave had a sip of that Destiny kool-aid, and now the thirst has him.

Video: Let’s look at the different modes in Destiny 2

About to jump into Destiny for the first time? Don't know a strike from a sidearm? We are here to help.

Video: We take a look at the story in Destiny 2

Possibly win a copy of the game while learning about the story of Destiny.

Video: Destiny 2 is getting some big changes to the weapon system

New to Destiny? Let's teach you about the various weapons in Destiny 2.

Video: Mass Effect: Andromeda tips for new players

For many people like myself Mass Effect: Andromeda will be your entry into the Mass Effect series. I had no idea what to expect jumping in for the first time but after a good few hours with it I picked up some tips and tricks that I want to share with other new players to the game. Hopefully these tips help you get the best experience out of Mass Effect: Andromeda, so get that note pad ready. So e...

Video: Mass Effect: Andromeda – Challenge Time

If you are busy playing through Mass Effect: Andromeda then we have a challenge for you. It’s time to step away from the epic single player for a moment and jump into a game of horde mode online. The challenge requires you to survive seven waves against the KETT and other alien bad guys and to top it off you need to achieve a full squad extraction. Can it be done? Most likely not by the hand...

Feature: Meet the crew of the Tempest

The Tempest is a lot smaller than the Normandy, meaning everyone on board has to do their bit to keep things running smoothly. Whether keeping the engines running or organising logistics or scanning for new signals and research, everyone on board does something to keep the Pathfinder at peak performance and ready for just about anything. Most members of the crew will be found in different parts of...

Feature: Why we had to leave Earth behind in Mass Effect

[Warning, there are spoilers relating to the original trilogy, so be warned if you never played Mass Effect 1 – 3.] Sometimes a story has more elements that can be told. Sequels, prequels, expansions of backstory. I have heard time and again though that if a backstory was good enough, it would be the main story in the first place. If you think about that, it really does make sense. Why would...

Video: This is how we celebrate Ghost Recon: Wildlands day

So today you can finally gear up and grab some friends to take on the Santa Blanca in Ghost Recon: Wildlands. Over the weekend we went to a launch for the game where we played some not so soft Airsoft with some guys that looked like they just walked off a real battlefield. It was a fun day that left us with a good few cuts and bruises and we got to take a copy of the game home which has been livin...

Torment: Tides of Numenera’s classes and companions and why it makes me giddy

Back in 1999 I discovered something that would change the way I thought of games, change what I expected from games. By dumb luck I bought Planescape: Torment. I knew Black Isle Studios and Interplay Entertainment and I bought the game based purely on having positive experiences with previous titles under those names. Was I in for a treat. Here was a tale of an immortal man in a crematorium, his o...

Video: We do a blade test to find out which class is best in For Honor

February 14th was not only a time to celebrate love, but it was also a time to send your enemies to Valhalla with the help of your mighty axe as it saw the release of For Honor. When starting the game you have to choose between one of the three classes, the Vikings, the Knights or the Samurai. This is no easy task so we thought we would help you out by taking the blades each class uses in the game...

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