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Rumour: Possible Shadow of the Tomb Raider key art leaks

It seems Lara is going on another adventure.

Life is Strange deluxe edition gets a bonus episode

If you want everything Life is Strange related, you better fork out for the deluxe edition.

The new Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer looks amazing

Four years since it was first shown at E3, Kingdom Hearts 3 is finally looking like something real on the horizon.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is heading to the PS4

If you live in the West far away from video game arcades and you like Dissidia, you have been hoping for this news for a long time. Dissidia, the fighting game that pits Final Fantasy characters against one another has been a big favourite on the PSP. However the latest arcade version made no moves to head over to the PSP or the Vita and while there has been hope of a console version, we have hear...

Dragon Quest XI gets magical new screenshots for PS4 and 3DS

Dragon Quest XI manages to look good on both platforms by using two different graphic styles.

A new Project IGI game is currently in development

17 years later, are you ready to head back into the world of Project IGI?

Lost Sphear is the next game by Tokyo RPG factory

Tokyo RPG Factory is trying once more to capture the essence of yesteryear JRPGs.

Final Fantasy VII Remake has shifted development to in-house

The Final Fantasy VII Remake is going through a bit of a change-up in its development.

Review: Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX (PS4)

Get ready for a long, convoluted but beautiful journey into Kingdom Hearts.

IO Interactive facing layoffs following Square Enix departure

The Hitman developer is feeling some tragic effects of the departure from Square Enix.

Hitman series may be in danger as developer’s future is uncertain

The Hitman series has remained a fan favourite throughout its many years in the gaming landscape. The bald assassin managed to capture the hearts of many and has remained an ever-present force. However, it seems that the series can be in some real danger following Square Enix’s decision to part ways with the current developers, IO Interactive. The developer is in danger of facing foreclosure...

Video: Dragon Quest Heroes II: Launch Trailer

Square Enix and Sony have released an epic two minute trailer showing off the conflict that our heroes are faced with In Dragon Quest Heroes II. All out war with what seems to be an infinite number of demons and monsters. The trailer starts of with all fifteen heroes being confronted in a town square defending against an attack. Thereafter we’re shown snippets of a little dialogue from the g...

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