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StarCraft: Remaster officially announced

The remastered version of StarCraft and its expansion Brood War has been a long rumoured and expected announcement. Two weeks ago the rumours flared up again stating that the game would be announced soon. Well Blizzard finally ...


StarCraft Remaster rumoured to be revealed soon

As it does every few months, the long rumoured StarCraft Remaster is back up again although this time, it seems like it is hitting closer than many imagined. Sports Seoul is reporting [via TeamLiquid] that StarCraft Remaster (w...


Rumour: Starcraft HD could be a reality

Is one of the most popular E-Sports titles getting an HD remaster? Well take this as a rumour for now but according to multiple sources one of the best RTS titles of all time, StarCraft, is getting re-released and is said to co...