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Stardew Valley is getting a physical release

Stardew Valley┬áis a game of pure wonder. There’s a reason why the game was in my Game of the Year list for 2016 and that is simply because it is nothing short of incredible. On the surface it’s a farming game with s...


Stardew Valley for Vita is still a possibility

Stardew Valley has made a massive impact on the gaming world. The Harvest Moon-inspired farming game has now been released on the majority of systems. Yet despite the game hitting most home hardware, those looking for a portabl...

SA Gamer Awards 2016

SA Gamer Awards 2016: Game of the Year

It’s finally time. Every year there is one game that comes along that stuns everybody. The game that will be remembered the most and will serve as a bookmark for the year it was released in. In order to achieve this prest...

SA Gamer Awards 2016

SA Gamer Awards 2016: Best Indie Game

Ah Indies, the only ‘good’ games that come out. We’ve become quite well acquainted with indie games and very different experiences they’re able to offer compared to those of AAA gaming. From the weird an...