Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will be the last mainline Pokémon adventures on the 3DS

With Ultra Sun and Moon pushing the handheld to its limits, it is time to say goodbye.

Switch eShop finally gets a games on sale category

Finally you can find games on sale without sifting through the entire catalogue.

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle introduces more characters and platform announcements

Rachel Alucard, Hazama and Weiss Schnee get added to the roster.

Nintendoes what Nintendon’t and goes the mature games route

Expect many more Mature games to show up on the Switch

Ed Boon believes that he can get Injustice 2 to run on the Switch

Beating the snot out of super heroes on the go could be fun

Review: FIFA 18 (Switch)

FIFA is back on a Nintendo console, but it looks like they sent their B team.

Hands-on: Super Mario Odyssey at the Nintendo Switch Pop up Zone

Get your hands on Super Mario Odyssey and see for yourself.

Darkest Dungeon is bringing the dread to Nintendo Switch

Take your sense of dread and foreboding along with you on the go.

L.A. Noire heading to PS4, Xbox One and Switch on 14 November

It's time to play detective again, but this time you can even take it on-the-go

The Nintendo Switch is getting official memory cards

Running out of space on your Switch? Nintendo knows this.

Travis could Strike Again on other consoles

Travis Touchdown might be swinging his way onto other platforms.

Review: Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (Switch)

Let's-a-go! Mario has a lightgun and turns out he is quite the crack shot. Get ready for Mario XCOM, the game you never knew you would really want to play.

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