The Burning Question

The Burning Question: Do you, or have you ever used video game walkthrough guides?

From walkthroughs to details on how to make the best hat ever, guides are all around us.

Burning Question: Which video game cemented you as a gamer?

What game or moment was it that made you realise that this is where you want to be?

The Burning Question: How important is gaming news to you?

Do you arrive in the morning with a hot cup of coffee, or just come for the games you really care about?

The Burning Question: Do you have post-game depression?

Do you hit a slump after finishing a good game? Let's discuss it.

The Burning Question: What was your first game you ever played?

It's something we can all relate to - the very first game any of us played. What was yours?

The Burning Question: Do you play Video Games on Vacation?

Do your devices join you on holiday, or is vacation about getting away from the digital candy?

The Burning Question: Do you take the Subs or the Dubs?

When playing games from other countries, do you prefer the original voiceovers, or do you want to hear English and skip the reading?

The Burning Question: Can you imagine a life without gaming?

Just to give the heading of this post a bit more context, I’m referring to the idea of electronic gaming never being invented. Imagine what the world would be like if Pong was never conceived, little handhelds with side scrolling F1 racers and Donkey Kong, Atari systems and the dawn of “TV games” to name but a few. Some of you might remember the historic American game crash of ’83 that involved th...

Burning Question: Which video game ending disappointed you the most?

As gamers we put in a lot of time playing and completing games. We can easily spend up to 10 hours on a decent game, but that number can increase to 30 – 40 hours for larger games. So when you finally reach the finish line and the ending isn’t exactly a winner, it can sometimes leave a sour taste in what could’ve been a great game. Sometimes the journey is more than just the endi...

The Burning Question: Are LANs still worth it?

I feel like this topic might be showing my age a bit. I used to go to LANs and organise them pretty often. Back when internet wasn’t ubiquitous, when not even all your friends had a dial-up modem, organising a get together was the best way to get some gaming done. Being able to have one person download the updates for a game so that they could be shared around and installed was much easier than tr...

The Burning Question: Are there too many games being released these days?

You know, gamers complain so much. We are a real needy bunch. When there is a drought we’ll voice our opinions, especially towards the months of May, June and July (me included), but this time I’m here with a question that’s been on my mind for quite some time – are there too many games being released these days? I’m sure by now you are all finding that you’re barely coping with the recent onslaug...

The Burning Question: What recent game reminded you why you love games?

It’s been many, many years since last I’ve played a game that reminded me just why I became so in love with everything that surrounds this wonderful industry. For some it’s about the thrill of a multiplayer win, for others it’s the joy of playing a game online in co-op surrounded by friends. Some people purely want to take on a tough task of beating a boss battle and having a challenge, while othe...

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