The Burning Question

The Burning Question: What games did not ‘click’ with you?

There are great games out there, but that doesn't mean you're going to click with it all.

The Burning Question: Have you ever quit on a video game?

Sometimes you give up on a game, even though you have put many hours into it. What is the final straw that makes you quit?

The Burning Question: How do you deal with toxicity in online video games?

How do you handle online toxicity? We want to know.

The Burning Question: What game broke your Nostalgia Goggles?

Sometimes it is best to leave your fond memories alone.

The Burning Question: What’s your favourite ‘little thing’ in gaming?

Games sometimes tell a few fibs to make things a bit more dramatic and exciting, but we love those moments.

The Burning Question: What annoys you the most about gaming?

Is it the fact that you need to download giant patches or are you really not happy with microtransactions? Come be annoyed in the comment section for a while!

The Burning Question: Have you ever used hacking tools in a game?

Have you ever used a hacking tool to get an edge in a game? We want to know.

The Burning Question: What was the first game you purchased with your own money?

At some point in your life you stop getting mom and dad to buy you your games and instead buy it yourself. What was that first game you bought with your own money?

The Burning Question: Do you, or have you ever used video game walkthrough guides?

From walkthroughs to details on how to make the best hat ever, guides are all around us.

Burning Question: Which video game cemented you as a gamer?

What game or moment was it that made you realise that this is where you want to be?

The Burning Question: How important is gaming news to you?

Do you arrive in the morning with a hot cup of coffee, or just come for the games you really care about?

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