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Video: Cinematic Trailer for The Surge highlights a bit of the combat

Deck13, the studio behind the pretty decent Dark Souls clone, Lords of the Fallen, has released a slick looking cinematic trailer for its upcoming futuristic Dark Souls clone, The Surge. The Surge will have you take on the role...


Video: The Surge could be the Dark Souls of the future

If you have not heard of a game that goes by the name of The Surge, let me bring you up to speed. The Surge is an action-RPG with a heavy focus on tactical melee combat. The game allows you to target certain body parts of an en...

E3 2016

E3 showcase: The Surge

Deck13, the studio that brought us Lords of the Fallen, has a new game they want to show off: The Surge. This time they swap the fantasy setting for a dystopian sci-fi world. It feels awfully familiar, but with a nice shiny coa...


Video: Take your first look at The Surge

The Surge has been in development for some time now and the best way to describe it would be a Sci-Fi Dark Souls game. Visually the game looks very impressive, so much so that it might be a PC footage but it is expected on the ...