Final Fantasy XV survey could result in future additional content

What should we see next for our travelling brotherhood?

Update removes seemingly offensive gesture from Mario Kart 8

Just when you thought it was safe to play Mario Kart with your European friends...

Prey receives 1.2 update to eliminate game breaking bugs

Prey's patch stops save files from corrupting, and will restore any corrupted saves that you might have.

Prey gets a meaty day one patch

Frame rate fixes, crash fixes and no more zero damage crits with the boltcaster.

A new update for Final Fantasy XV drops in on 27 April

Final Fantasy XV will receive another update (or as others like to call it ‘free’ update) next week which should fix a few issues for the PlayStation 4 Pro. There won’t be many fixes for the PS4, but new game elements have been added that may make travelling through Eos a little better. “The new update will introduce additional features for PS4 Pro users, including a new im...

There’s a Dinklebot Easter egg in the latest Destiny update

Bungie sure does know how to take a joke and make fun themselves due to past ‘accidents.’ For those of you who’ve played Destiny all the way back to the Alpha days, will know of a popular line that your ghost says. Peter Dinklage originally voiced the character of your ghost and let loose this funny line:”That wizard came from the moon.” In the latest update, if you c...

Nioh’s latest update allows you to pause

If I had to pick out one pet peeve in some video games, it would have to be the inability to pause while playing the game. This was massive issue for me during Demon Souls and Bloodborne, and it’s also present in the recently released Nioh. A new update for the game will remedy the issue, allowing you to pause during the game when playing offline. Some new additions and fixes have also been ...

Horizon Zero Dawn gets a new update which fixes plenty of problematic bugs

While Horizon Zero Dawn has taken the world by storm with its robot dinosaurs and post-apocalyptic flair, the team behind the game have been hard at work fixing some bugs. A new update for the game is out today and fixes a variety of issues. It also happens to inadvertently cause a bug of its own. Once the new update is installed, you may notice that outfit stats will be double what they should be...

The Hearthstone Arena is going to see some much needed changes

As Hearthstone’s pool of cards increases it becomes a bit of a problem for the eternal formats. We can understand that the Wild format will have a smorgasbord of potential decks with some things being quite ridiculous, but that can be a problem for a drafting format. Not all cards are created equal so when you continue adding ‘bad’ cards to the drafting pool you’re going to...

Civilization 6 getting Australia and Steam Workshop support soon

Just when I think I’m out, Civilization 6 pulls me back in. For the first time in the franchises long and prolific history, Australia will be an official playable civilisation. Australia’s leader will be the 14th Prime Minister, John Curtin. The First Look video below by the official Sid Meier’s Civilization YouTube account, which gives some very good background on him and his significance. ...

Mammoth changes are coming to Hearthstone

Being a Hearthstone fan is quite a turbulent experience. You land up going between highs and lows almost every month and when you expect Blizzard to do one thing, they somehow end up doing another. While most Hearthstone players thought they knew what to expect from the incoming year of standard, it seems like Blizzard has decided to change things up in bigger ways than we could have expected. In ...

Pirates will hit the deck in the next Hearthstone patch

After a good couple of weeks of fearing pirates, Blizzard is finally stepping in to lay down the law to these scallywags. It’s taken a bit of time but Blizzard has finally detailed what they plan to do in Hearthstone’s next update. Certain powerful cards will be hit with the nerf hammer while a welcome change will be coming to ranked play that should make players quite a bit happier. F...

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