Valve’s brave answer to review bombing is adding a graph

Valve will do just about anything to use algorithms instead of humans.

Video: Modders are re-creating Half-Life 2 within Half-Life

We heard you like Half-Life, so we put some Half-Life in your Half-Life so that you can Half-Life while you Half-Life.

2017 is fast approaching the record for the most Steam game releases

Steam is becoming very crowded these days and it looks like it won't stop soon.

Half-Life gets an update, 19 years after release

Something something Half-Life, something something 3.

Valve writer Jay Pinkerton has left the company

Valve just lost its third writer this year. If you had dreams of narrative driven games in the future, things are looking grim.

Steam Greenlight is officially no more

Farewell Steam Greenlight, you had some good moments.

Video: Half-Life 2 is now fully compatible with VR

Half-Life 2 in VR is probably as close to Half-Life 3 as we will ever get.

Dota 2 is finally getting some co-op story missions

Dota 2 with friends and story? Almost sounds too good to be true.

A day may come when we finally get another Half-Life, but not the way we expect

An AMA (ask me anything) session was recently held by Gabe Newell on Reddit, where people were eager to poke and prod about the likelihood of a Half-Life 3. As per usual, Gaben avoided the question like the plague, but there were some intriguing tidbits offered about a potential spin-off to the series that may or may not be in the pipeline. Gabe’s response to the question whether Valve is wo...

Valve encourages developers to post real screenshots of their games

Marketing is like dating on Tinder. You put up a flattering picture of yourself with a beautiful backdrop, doing some type of exciting thing, you write a flattering bio saying something about how you like “travelling” and being “adventurous” when the most exciting thing you’ve done that week was go to McDonalds in your pyjamas at 2 am. Games do a similar thing. They p...

Valve to add native DualShock 4 controller support to Steam

Are you lost without your DualShock 4? It is a pretty nice controller and the team over at Valve like it too, so they are adding in DualShock 4 controller support to Steam. It turns out that the Steam Controller API sees a PS4 controller in pretty much the same way as a Steam Controller. Until now third-party applications like Joy2Key and DS4Windows have been used to make the DualShock 4 work on P...

UK Advertising Standards Authority investigating marketing of No Man’s Sky

The UK Advertising Standards Authority is investigating No Man’s Sky after receiving several complaints about the advertising for the game. The ASA can have adverts that it finds to breach the code of conduct withdrawn, and can impose sanctions if the breaching party doesn’t comply with its rulings. As the investigation is still on-going the ASA has provided scant details on proceeding...

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