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StarCraft Remaster rumoured to be revealed soon

As it does every few months, the long rumoured StarCraft Remaster is back up again although this time, it seems like it is hitting closer than many imagined. Sports Seoul is reporting [via TeamLiquid] that StarCraft Remaster (w...


Overwatch getting CTF and Custom Server list in next patch

With the Year of the Rooster event in Overwatch coming to a close in a week, one of the biggest questions was whether Capture the Rooster (Capture the Flag) would remain in some way. Despite early indications that it would be o...


Blizzard to re-release some of their biggest games

With the new Warcraft movie on the way there is no better time to go back and play some of the Blizzard classics such as the mighty Warcraft 3. One could always go through a few hoops to get these older games working on modern ...