Call of Duty: WWII is about respect, honour, D-Day and visceral zombies

Watch the action unfold right here, from your comfy chair.

Video: First Sonic Forces gameplay footage reveals a traditional side-scroller

A side-scrolling Sonic game? Could this be the game that old-school fans have been waiting for?

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite gets a swanky story trailer and an exceptional collectors edition

Ultron and Sigma join forces to take on the heroes of MvC, while those LED Infinity stones and interlinking dioramas look really tempting.

Video: Watch 28 minutes of new Tekken 7 footage, including gangsta Kuma yo!

This video has more moves than Kuma can wave a fish at.

Video: Outlast 2 receives another terrifying trailer

Who is going to review this? The team seems to call it NOPElast 2.

Your Games with Gold in May includes platforming, adventure and LEGO

While we were all about to take a nice relaxing weekend on Friday Microsoft decided it was time to drop some important information for Gold users – the Games with Gold for May. Depending on your stance this is either a really great month, or quite terrible. Love LEGO, platformer and co-op games? You’re in for a treat. Hate those? Well, you best then move on. Here is what you can expect...

Console demo for Prey hits one week before release

The Prey reboot/remake will receive a one-hour long demo just before the game releases. Bethesda have announced that the demo will be available from 27 April on PS4 and Xbox One, which is one week away from launch. There’s no mention of a PC demo, which is a little odd as I thought the PC version would get a demo before anything else. Whether or not this is a timed trial or a demo that ends ...

Microsoft to add a refund system for digital purchases

One of the biggest problems when buying a new game is that you’re running the risk of it being absolute rubbish. When buying physical copies, you have some recourse in selling or trading it in at your local game store, and making it some other unsuspecting fools’ problem. But When you buy a game digitally however, it’s not that simple, or at least it wasn’t. Steam has been ...

The Bleeding Edge: We look at a comparison of Forza 6 on Project Scorpio

After Microsoft’s Xbox Project Scorpio final spec reveal yesterday, I’m sure most fans of the Xbox brand can’t wait to see just what some of the exclusives on the Xbox console would look like. In some of the videos floating round in the interwebs, you get to see some comparisons of Forza Motorsport 6 on both the Xbox One and on Project Scorpio. We’ve got some images of the ...

NBA Playground looking to bring back that arcade feel

As sports games have moved closer to simulation, it seems that the “Sports Arcade” genre has been left to a long forgotten era of gaming. NBA Playgrounds looks to be filling the hole left by the big publishers by unleashing some over-the-top Basketball action. Announced via IGN, players will not have to wait long until they show off their skills back on the playground. NBA Playgrounds ...

State of Decay 2 will get 3 big maps at launch

State of Decay was either a hit or miss for some and a guilty pleasure for others. In my case, it’s the latter as it’s the only reason why I kept my Xbox 360. Now, State of Decay 2 may be the reason why I get an Xbox One. Undead Labs have recently revealed the size of the game and it’s quite impressive. The game will feature three map locations all the same size as the first game...

Video: Marvel Heroes Omega announced for consoles

Marvel Heroes is a free-to-play PC MMO game that was released in 2013. It never saw a port to console, but that is about to change with a release dubbed Marvel Heroes Omega announced for consoles later this year. The console versions of the game will have less content than what is currently available, but developers, Gazillion, says they’re doing this to ensure that console gamers have the b...

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