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Review: The Elders Scrolls Online (Xbox One)



Game Length: As long as you want to keep playing.
Developer(s): Zenimax Online
Publisher(s): Bethesda
Platform(s): PC, Xbox One, Ps4
Release Date: June 9th




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No subscription fee | Great controls | Pretty much what you would want from an online version of Skyrim


There are still a few bugs | crashed occasionally

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The Elders Scrolls series is famous for its numerous award-winning titles like Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim and even the early 3D tunnels of Daggerfall. All of which laid the foundations for many of the RPGs we see today. The Elders Scrolls Online seems like a natural progression for the series, and many fans have yearned for […]

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The Elders Scrolls series is famous for its numerous award-winning titles like Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim and even the early 3D tunnels of Daggerfall. All of which laid the foundations for many of the RPGs we see today. The Elders Scrolls Online seems like a natural progression for the series, and many fans have yearned for the day they could quest in one of Bethesda’s beautifully crafted worlds with their friends. Could this possibly be the finest Elders Scrolls experience ever conceived?

When you think of an MMO you usually think of things like monthly subscription fees, and that’s one of the best things about TESO – there isn’t any fee whatsoever. When it originally launched on PC a year ago there was a fee, but luckily it has been dropped due to community backlash for its horde of bugs at the time, which for the most part are all sorted out now. So luckily Xbox One players are jumping in at the right time. There are however lots of micro transactions in the game but you will be happy to hear that they are mostly for cosmetic changes to your character. Speaking of cosmetics you can expect the same deep character customization the series is well known for returning in TESO. You can select from 9 different races and 4 classes. The classes are pretty much what you would expect form a Scrolls game, ranging from your Fighter class to your Mage class.

You start the game off by escaping a prison in the Daedric underworld. If I had a nickel for every time I’ve had to escape a prison in an Elders Scrolls game – I would be able write this review from a private jet while Richard Branson gives me a light foot massage. After freeing ‘The Prophet’ you escape to Tamriel where you are literally told to go off and do whatever you want.

The world is certainly vast but it’s not as detailed as the world of say Skyrim. Naturally sacrifices had to be made when taking the concept online, things like object based physics are missing and the wilderness is certainly not densely populated with animals and lush vegetation. MMO’s have never been about stress testing your GPU, and games like World of Warcraft have sustained millions of players on decade old visuals just fine. It certainly looks okay for an MMO, but it’s hard to not directly compare it to the vast detailed tundra of Skyrim and not get a little sad. However there are lots of things to get excited about if you are a fan of previous games in the series, such as the ability to once again join guilds that offer some great varied quests to help your rise up within the ranks. The crafting system has also been improved to offer more depth, such as the ability to master your cooking and woodworking skills – essentials for those mid-quest dinner parties when you want to leave a lasting impressions on your fellow party members.

The combat feels good and very similar to Skyrim on console. You won’t be able to re-map your control layout sadly but it does feel very intuitive from the get go, with magic abilities easily accessible via the D-pad and combat on the triggers. Holding the right trigger down powers up an attack, and you can easily switch between third and first-person by holding down on the D-pad.
I must say that I am no veteran to MMOs, I find them to be a bit too difficult to get into and even intimidating. Having said that I got into the Elders Scrolls Online with ease, it really does feel like Skyrim with lots of people running around. Even though the world is populated with plenty of other players the game still lets you lone wolf it if you want and you can pretty much play it exactly like you would Skyrim – which is a little pointless but the option is there. When it comes to the Xbox One there certainly are not a whole lot of options when it comes to MMOs, especially ones that can compete with the greats on PC.


The Elders Scrolls Online does a great job of offering not only a great MMO experience to console players, but one that fans of the previous games will quickly latch onto and enjoy. It doesn’t have the wow factor of a fully-fledged sequel but I think fans of the Scrolls games will be more than satisfied with this latest online adventure.

David Kozlowski

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  • Michelle

    Question,when initially starting up the game,how much data will the patches and updates cost me?

    • David Kozlowski

      15 gigs is your out the box batch, I know its a big one. Other than that I have heard of no new patches in the pipeline just yet.

      • Michelle

        I’m looking at uncapped packages now,Mweb looks good and it’s cheaper for a 4MB uncapped.

        • David Kozlowski

          Ya prices have come down nicely on 4mb lines. Its deff more than u need for anything gaming wise, and with these updates you have to go uncapped or ur screwed.

          • Michelle

            Yeah hey it’s killing me to buy prepaid ADSL data,might as well upgrade my package.

          • Wesley

            Hey Michelle,
            Its really a “to each his own” case, but after being fedup with uncapped giving problem, i found Axxess to be really good – R189pm for 100Gigs (50+50).

          • Michelle

            Awesome thanks looking into it now,this looks good,I’ll consider this option as I use their prepaid ADSL data.

          • Richard

            R189 telephone rental + R299(adsl subscription) = R400 ( last month Telkom had a promotion whereby you would pay R499 on contract, including landline, adsl, adsl account. Take that package with Telkom. R 40 extra won’t hurt. Raru has a promotion on the game R614,

          • Richard

            Not sure if you looked into https://www.voxtelecom.co.za/fatpipe

          • Michelle
          • Richard

            Whatever you do don’t go with them. Apparently the account they supply has a generic password… Go with capped accounts

        • Richard

          Suggestion take Telkom bundled offering including landline rental for R599, schedule your downloads between 00:01 h 6:55 am at that time data is zero rated.. Finding a provider offering true uncapped is non existent. xistent.

          • Michelle

            My friend had Telkom uncapped and he lived in Parow which is close to me and said it was absolutely terrible,he couldn’t even youtube during the day,that it was a mission to get it sorted(which never happened) then he changed to MWEB.
            I have issues with Afrihost ,personal stuff and their service was terrible that I just left after 3 months of nothing happening to sort it out.

      • Richard

        They didn’t have enough space to fit everything on the cheapest blueray disc (50gig).

  • AchtungBaby_

    Im a bit dissapointed the score is a little low. And Ive seen other reviews that pretty much say the same thing.

    • David Kozlowski

      Ya its a good game but its not worthy of crazy praise, also it did crash like 3 times on me so its still got a few bugs.

      • Trebzz

        So just as broken as Skyrim? Lol damn game I didn’t have internet connection at the time so no patches and couldn’t use the other shouts 🙁

  • Dw Steenkamp

    I’m keen on getting this, how is the connection issues with international players? such as pvp and roaming together. hope it does not end up like Defiance on the 360 🙁 was barely playable.

    • David Kozlowski

      I used the EU servers and for the most part it was fine. I did get kicked once or twice but nothing too hectic. Otherwise in terms of lag it also wasn’t too bad.

      • Dw Steenkamp

        Cool thanks … saw the special for the CE on raru, will give it a try then.