Nintendo planning to drop a Super Smash Bros bomb at E3?


Things have not been going too well for Nintendo of late. The Wii U is just not building any steam. But Nintendo might have something up their sleeves. It’s what they were known for years ago – dropping big bombs at E3. An image of the character selection menu leaked on the internet (4 Chan to be exact) and if it is to be believed there is still lots yet to be revealed. It’s since been deleted.

Up to now they’ve bored us all somewhat by announcing contestants that we’ve played with before, with Wii Fit Lady, Villager and Rosalina being the best from the lot. If the below images are to be believed it’s clear that they’re far from over. Tune in on 9 June to watch the Nintendo Direct E3 video along with the rest of the world.

Source: Mario Party Legacy

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