Listed: 3 Things to be Wary of at E3

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There are lots of ‘firsts’ on the new site, and I’d like to introduce you to another. “Listed” will be comprised of lists of just about anything. FIVE of the best sport games, THREE of the worst horror games, TWO foods best eaten while gaming, or even the Top 10 beards in gaming. ANYTHING {Even the top things to love about PC Games. Shortest list ever}.

For the first installment, with E3 around the corner, it was obviously going to be linked, so here are 3 things to be wary of at E3. You know those things that burn us every year, or that let us down {or go all Nintendo on us, right?}. Right. Here. You. GO:

1. New game reveals

I can see you scrunching up your eyes in confusion. What does he mean be wary of game reveals? This is E3, it’s a gamer’s heaven of gaming reveals. That’s the whole point of it dammit!? It is a conference filled with new game reveals, or new parts of old games being revealed. But what I mean is that we need to be wary of the reveals. Half the time it’s the start of a product that isn’t even close to being finished and that always results in the hype train going full steam ahead before the track has even been built. It means that we get excited by things that we know far too little about and end up getting burnt along the way. Be wary folks. Reveals are great, but let’s wait for more before we jump over the moon.

2. Release dates

This is linked to the above point in that once we get the reveal we often have a release date, or at the very least a year. The recent Watch_Dogs is a prime example of how this can be a problem. That game was revealed all the way back at E3 in 2012. I had gooesbumps sitting in that theatre as they showed it. It was eventually said to be releasing a year later, pushed back to release with the next gen consoles on launch, and then delayed once more to release end of May 2014 (just the other day). What happened there is that we got our hopes up. The hype was very real and we wanted the game and wanted it now. We saw tons of footage and eventually ended up getting a bit sick of hearing about it to the point that when it released it was almost to an anti-climax of sorts. Thankfully the game still got a good reception, but the danger is there. So we should be wary about rumoured and initial release dates for games at E3.

 3. Negativity

The third thing to be wary about is the usual drones of skepticism and negativity that comes out of E3. All over Twitter and other social media you will find journos complaining about how hectic E3 is, and how it isn’t enjoyable, and just how little information is given. Oh, and of course that hardly any of the games are a huge surprise and less of them are impressive. That’s such bullsh!t. E3 is a magical place. A place where any gamer would love to be. Don’t let the few over-privileged, entitled gaming journalists ever let you think otherwise. It’s a few days absolutely dedicated to what we love, so don’t believe any of the comments that it was uninspiring or lame, or anything else. So many of the ‘uninspiring’ ideas coming out of E3 turn out to be amazing. It’s a show that any gamer should be excited for, irrespective of what your preferences are.

And with that I say, bring on E3 2014!

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