Here’s the Rundown on EA’s E3 2014 Conference


That’s EA done and dusted, and you have come to the right place to find out what you have missed from their show {Arguably not a whole lot}. There weren’t too many surprises in the EA conference, but if you want to see what they showed, read on. If you don’t, now is the perfect time to catch a nap before the next conference.

The show got off to a decent start with the much anticipated Star Wars: Battlefront which many will be excited to see. There wasn’t much shown, but the force is strong with this one. {Could you be anymore lame Jarred?}

Next up was some lovely music which was accompanied by some screens of Dragon Age: Inquistion. It is looking great so far, but will it atone for what many felt was not a great addition to the series in Dragon Age 2? We shall see:

The momentum continued, sort of, with the developers from Bioware talking all things Mass Effect. It got us giddy with excitement at a possible reveal, but ended up being an inspiration piece about how much power they now have to create an ever-changing world and more in the future Mass Effects {and hopefully more Miranda right?}.

The show then started to fade into somewhere we would not like to venture ever again. The Sims 4 was showcased with information about how you can now control their hearts and create all sorts of personalities {I wonder if they can create a character with multiple personality disorder, that would be great, ahem…}. The Sims will definitely appeal to a wide audience, so if it’s your thing, here ya go:

Following the always inspiring Sims was a little more of EA’s UFC game. This one features Bruce Lee who apparently inspired MMA {WHAT?}. Anyway, the video features some gameplay of Bruce Lee’s skinny legs kicking the Sh!t out of his opponent. The game releases this month and there is already a demo out for it if you want to see more.

One game that looks like it will be enjoying the new-gen treatment is NHL 15. The developers have promised a bunch of new features including more control over the puck and the players, as well as more detailed stadiums. This one looks pretty damn good.

One of the more interesting bits of the EA conference was undoubtedly Criterion’s reveal that they are moving away from car games. The video showed very early footage but looks at them taking planes and perhaps other modes of transport to the extreme, and in first person view. It looks kind of cool.

EA’s PGA game has dropped Tiger Woods and is going it alone. The new game will feature “Golf with no limits” apparently. No load times will be a huge plus and fully rendered golf courses will be quite something to see.

Madden 25 (it’s an anniversary title) was not as good as it could have been on the new gen consoles, but Madden 15 looks to be a whole lot better. The focus will be heavily on defence in the game, something that should have been dealt with ages ago. With a host of new types of tackles, controls, cameras and animations Madden 15 is looking far better already.

If mobile is your thing, and you like the MOBA genre then you will want to take a look at Dawngate. To be perfectly honest it looks kind of boring, but those that actually play this stuff might disagree and throw bricks at us for saying that.

Last year EA revealed a new Mirror’s Edge game and since then there has been little to no detail around the game. In their conference EA took us behind the scenes with the developers from DICE to show us their concept around the character Faith, her movement, the world we will be able to explore, and more so the way we will be able to explore it. Not much in terms of gameplay, but interesting to see.

The highlight of the show was obviously FIFA 15 {yeah right}. Well to be honest it was a let down with the same marketing speak being used. More emotional players who can cry on the pitch when they get fouled, more intelligent players which is what is said every year, better ball physics and player movement AGAIN. More of the same, except for the stadium updates which will make the atmosphere even better. Still, it’s FIFA so it will sell like hotcakes as usual.

Last and certainly not least, judging by the amount they showed of it, was the Battlefield game called “Hardline“. Hardline is set to change things up a bit and will supposedly be more of a crime drama than an action shooter. Or that’s what the guys from Visceral will have us believe. Following that information the video showed us lots of footage of how it is really going to be a shooter more than anything. The video showed off a 32 multiplayer game of cops vs. criminals in a mode called Heist. It’s a great concept but the actual footage felt like more of the same. Make of it what you will. Oh and they did announce that the beta for Hardline on PS4 and PC is open right now for those that own Battlefield 4.

So that’s EA’s conference. A little underwhelming if you ask us here at SA Gamer. What did you guys think? Let us know!


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