Madden NFL 15 Sacks the Quarterback With This Trailer

Madden 15

It’s a crying shame that more people don’t play the Madden games in this country. It’s probably a mixture of reasons, including not knowing how the sport works, and also because it’s not played here. Well forget whatever you think you know or don’t know about the sport, because irrespective of that, the Madden games are worth giving a go.

To this day, EA’s Madden games have provided some of the best multiplayer gaming of all time. There is nothing quite like the crunching tackles you can make on your opponents, or scoring that last-minute touchdown against a friend. I feel it’s my duty to promote the game and get as many people as possible to try it.

Don’t just sit there and think “nah, this isn’t for me”. Rather give it a try and see what you are missing out on. You won’t be sorry.

With that in mind, have a look at EA’s reveal trailer for Madden 15, coming out later this year (usually towards the end of August). The new game is said to have a bit more focus on defence. Check it out, plus some great graphics, below.


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