PS4 and Project Morpheus to Get “The Assembly”


I’ll be the first to admit that up until now I have been very skeptical of the whole Virtual Reality thing. It no doubt has great potential, but seems to have that ‘gimmicky flavour’ to it, much like the motion control and 3D attempts before it. However, the idea behind VR is certainly gaining traction with the Oculus Rift and Sony’s attempt with Project Morpheus.

At E3, currently on the go, a technically new to games studio, nDreams, revealed their project called The Assembly for the PS4 and for the use of Project Morpheus. It appears that they have been working on the game pretty hard and have promised a gripping story and some unique gameplay mechanics and with the use of Project Morpheus the whole viewpoint will completely change.

The reveal trailer doesn’t really show off anything about the VR bit, but you can see how it might come into play with such an intense setting. Intense really is the word to describe the trailer, it looks intriguing and something we should definitely not let fly under the radar.

I am still skeptical on the VR stuff, but The Assembly has my attention for now and I will be interested to see where it goes with the technology. Ever without the VR it looks like it could be quite a game. Take a look at the trailer below and let us know what you think, and be sure to give some thoughts on Virtual Reality also.


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