FIFA UT Legends Exclusive to Xbox – Some Clarity


There seems to be a bit of confusion growing on the internet around this. At first Garth mentioned it to me thinking that EA’s most popular mode, Ultimate Teams, would be exclusive to the Microsoft consoles for FIFA 15. Since then I have seen a few people confused by the very same information and a bit of hate thrown at EA for this from some Sony fans.

Let me allay those fears and explain that it is only the “Legends” part that is exclusive, much like it was in FIFA 14. Legends includes extra players that are attainable in Ultimate Teams, players that are legends of the game from years long gone by.

It’s a cool inclusion for the Xbox consoles and if you have the option there is no reason to go for the extras. That said, if you have a Playstation only don’t feel too hard done by. There are only a few legend players, they are very rare and nearly impossible to get, and some of them are not really what one would even call a legend. So fear not, you aren’t missing too much, I mean there isn’t even a Zidane…TSK.

If there is still confusion please feel free to ask below.

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