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It’s Friday and welcome to the internet. A place where everyone has an opinion and is required and privileged to have their own opinion. It is a nasty place at the best of times but at the same time it isn’t without its merits. One of these upsides is the insane amount of interesting trivia out there so I thought we’d take a brief look into some game trivia that you might / might not have known about.

The clouds and bushes in Super Mario Bros. are the same thing only the colours are different.

Mario Bushes Clouds          

The same guys responsible for Lemmings (DMA Design Ltd) eventually became Rockstar North, the studio behind GTA V

GTA Lemmings


Sony’s PlayStation was originally planned to be a CD-ROM add-on for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

Nintendo PlayStation


There were various different versions of Resident Evil 4. One of the scrapped versions went on to become the original Devil May Cry.

Resi may cry

In the acclaimed Super Mario 64, Boo’s laugh is simply a version of Bowser’s laugh at a faster tempo. To listen to the audio clip click here.

Bowser Boo


The PlayStation 2’s Shadow Of The Colossus was originally planned to be a co-op title but due to hardware limitations the idea was scrapped.



Namco developed a limited edition Ridge Racer Type 4 control for the original PlayStation. The controller was called the ‘JogCon’ and had a wheel, yes a wheel, instead of analogue sticks.



Microsoft’s original Xbox was going to be named the ‘DirectX box’. The name was intended to show the console market how Direct X would improve graphics technology.

DirectX Box


Final Fantasy VII was going to be designed for the N64, but Square had to cancel the project due to the cartridge capacity limitation. The game was moved over to Sony’s PlayStation because of the large capacity CD media rather than cartridges. FFVII would have ultimately needed 13 N64 cartridges to run the game.


Silent Hill 4 started off as a separate project all together. The new franchise title ‘The Room’ was picked up by Silent Hill producer, Akira Yamaoka and turned into a Silent Hill title.

Silent Hill 4 The Room
How many of these trivia pieces did you know about? 10/10? Would you be interested in seeing more of these trivia posts? Let us know.


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