EA boss says Battlefield 4 launch was a FAIL


Battlefield 4 was a prime example of what an incomplete online experience should be like. To this day we’re not quite sure it’s 100% working as it should. EA boss, Andrew Wilson, think it’s “playing extremely well” well after all the updates. However, he’s not here to boast about the game, instead  he says that the situation at launch the game found itself in was unacceptable and would not happen again.

Hear it here from the horses mouth:

For clarity it wasn’t actually a server problem for Battlefield 4. It was a client side problem. Right now the game is playing extremely well, and people are in there and having a lot of fun. I’m still playing it.

For me, the situation we had was unacceptable. For the team it was unacceptable. We have worked tirelessly since then to make sure the gameplay experience got to where it absolutely should have been at launch and we’re focused on that and we continue to deliver value to that player base.

We have changed development processes, we’ve changed development timelines and we’ve changed testing processes and beta processes, all with a view to not have the issues again.”

What was happening with Battlefield 4, even as we were pushing all of this innovation, was a lot of it we couldn’t test until really late in the phase. I believe it was unique.

The man in charge at DICE, Karl-Magnus Troedsson, had something to say too:

Was I surprised at the reaction? No. Were we a bit surprised by the state of the game? Yes. For sure.

People in the studio have taken this very personally. It has led to some very tough discussions about what we’re doing. We’re looking forward, we’re not looking backward any more, and saying, ‘okay, what do we take out of this hardening experience and what does that mean for us moving forward?

Let’s hope they’ve learned from what happened and really do improve the status of any EA launch game going forward. It’s not the first time EA has released an unfinished game, so it’s a bit unfair to completely blame the developers. Can anyone say ‘SimCity‘?

Source: Eurogamer

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