No Man’s Sky is not exclusive to PS4


After the mouth-watering footage we all witnessed at the Sony E3 media briefing No Man’s Sky is very high up on everyone’s ‘must have’ list. Until now it’s not been clear whether Sony’s had made arrangements with the developers to make it exclusive to their format. Remember the ‘Sony’s <3 Indie’s’ campaign? After the emotional applause the developer received on-stage we all thought this was all but done and dusted and heading exclusively to the PS4. Apparently it’s not the case.

In a reply to a person on Twitter Hello Games was crystal clear as to their stance in this regard:

You can understand the confusion as they Tweeted this, just ahead of that Tweet:

At the end it looks as if it will indeed come to PC and Xbox One in the not-too-distant future, but it will debut on PS4 first.

Source: Twitter

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