A new Afro Samurai is coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One


It feels like light years ago that we last had the chance to dismember foes with our sword in Afro Samurai. The Japanese Anime series translated well to the gaming format as it came bundled with the unique Japanese art style and narrative. At the time it received a mixed response whereby some absolutely loved it and others did not quite pick up on all the hype. All we know is that it left a mark (pun intended), some blood splatters here and there and had Samuel L. (Mother F@#kin) Jackson voicing Afro.

Namco Bandai are still in control of the license and handed the project over to Redacted Studios, who worked on the story for Ace Combat: Assault Horizon. We have no idea when it will launch, though it’s likely another 2015 or perhaps 2016 title, but we do know that it will come to “next generation”. So we’re assuming PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Here’s what the developer had to say:

This upcoming third person action adventure includes an original storyline, new playable characters, and improved special moves and combos which firmly establishes the franchise as the undisputed leader in dynamic dismemberment.

Any of you ever play and enjoy Afro Samurai? 2009 feels like a long time ago. It’s about time we get to split some heads with Afro’s sword once more.

Source: CVG

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