You won’t believe that this is a mobile game


Mobile games these days look pretty good, but generally speaking it’s always behind in terms of PC and even console graphics. Well, there’s now finally a game that looks to top everything on PS3 and Xbox 360. That’s right, if you’re still stuck in the last generation on PS3 and Xbox 360 then be aware that mobile games now look better than what you’ve got. In fact, this mobile game is on par with what you’re playing on your PS4, Xbox One and in some cases, your PC.

Say hello to this Unreal Engine 4 demo called “Rivalry“. It runs off Nvidia’s Kepler graphics arghitecture using the Tegra K1 chipset, especially built for Google IO using the Android extension pack. Yes ladies and gents, your mobile gaming is about to get pretty.

Have a look at this:

Source: Eurogamer



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