Games Left For 2014 (Part V), Is That a Far Cry?


So here we are at the end of the week. I have already detailed 20+ games over the last few days that will be heading to consoles and that PC thing this year. That’s correct, 2014 releases that have not been delayed to 2015. To finish off the list, here are 5 more games taking the list to over 25 games which means a you could buy 4 games a month for the rest of the year and still miss some.

There are even more than what has been listed but these are the best of them, or at least I think so. So enjoy the rest of the games, tell us what you think might be missing, and let’s get ready for another insanely good second half to the gaming year.

Far Cry 4

This came almost from nowhere when it was announced, but that trailer had everyone’s mouth open instantly. Far Cry 3 was incredibly popular and arguably one of the best games on the previous generation of consoles. With it’s enigmatic villain, Far Cry 4 looks to exceed the insanity of Far Cry 3 and its villain Vaas. The Himalayas are the setting for this game and it is looking to be one absolute cracker. You can explore the Himalayas yourself this November.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

Borderlands has an almost obsessive following by the fans of the games. Everybody loves that little Clap Trap fellar and the shoot-and-loot idea has been taken on by many. The multiplayer aspects, the missions, the pick-ups and special abilities are all hallmarks of the series. This will now be carried through to the new game which takes place on the moon and again looks to include all sorts of wacky characters and situations. It looks damn fine and will no doubt be played by many this October.

Battlefield: Hardline

Dave is very excited for this one despite having a hard time convincing the rest of us that it will be any different to the other Battlefield games. EA will also have a tough time (not really) selling this after the issues they had with Battlefield 4. In any case the whole cops and robbers thing has a cool idea behind it and the devs have said how they want to focus on the story in singleplayer. Hardline might just be the step up everyone is hoping for. You can “get the loot” this October.

The Crew

The Crew might be a tougher sell for everyone to want to play, but it certainly will appeal to a fraction of gamers. If you like car games in a massive open world that spans almost all of the USA then you will definitely want this. Missions, seamless multiplayer, lots of customisation and unique features make The Crew a game to watch out for this November.

Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Remix

It’s my feeling that not enough gamers have tried the Kingdom Hearts games, and even more haven’t tried anything but the first game. This remake (yes, another remake) includes three of the titles from the series, being Kingdom Hearts II, the DS game Re-coded, and the PSP game Birth by Sleep. These games will all be included in all new HD graphics making sure to make your eyes bleed. The Kingdom Hearts games are pretty special and you should be looking to try these come December.

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