Mind-blowing secrets discovered in the Doom series

mind blown

The Doom series is pretty much one of the most famous games of all times. The original shooter helped launch the FPS genre and even today the game is lots of fun to play. However, there are more than just monsters creeping around its tight corridors. Its dark halls are filled with secrets, secrets that most gamer’s would never have discovered until now. What secrets you ask? Well, lets just say your mind is about to be blown.

Without spoiling too much, some of the amazing Easter eggs hidden in the game include five playable characters that were cut from the original, a stack of hidden level secrets, similarities between the games music and certain heavy metal songs, and even the possibility of Bill Gates buying id Software all those years ago. A big thanks to Did You Know Gaming for sharing these hidden gems, check the video below and let us know what you guys think.

Source: VG24/7

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