The Underrated Games of Last Generation (Final Part)


Welcome to the last part of the most underrated games from the previous generation. Thus far we have had 15 must play games that you could have missed out on, before making the move to the next generation. Here are five more games to track down before making the jump. I hope you have enjoyed the list and please feel free to share anything that was maybe left out that you think was underrated and more people should have played.


The 2.5D platformer, much like Shadow Complex but with zombies, got quite a bit of flak for its design, but I disagree with much of the bad press it received. It wasn’t the most elaborate platformer of all time but it did have its own charm within its design. The scenery worked excellently for a platformer and the puzzles, while not impossible, were clever. The story was fantastic and the little twists and turns throughout were told so well. Ignore the haters. This one is my advice.

Rayman Origins / Legends

It honestly KILLS me that so many people haven’t played this and so many refuse to even try. It also kills me that so many have it, love it and did not finish it (*Looks at fellow SA Gamer staff*). It’s a travesty. Yes, again, these games scored well and were praised endlessly, but still people didn’t try them. WHY!? There are some of, if not the best, level designs I have ever seen. They are beautifully animated, have excellent soundtracks (especially the music levels in Legends) and they have couch co-op. Bottom line – these games are the absolute definition of fun.


I can see you scratching your head, wondering what the hell Buzz is. A toy story game some of you might think, but no, this is Buzz trivia. Buzz has probably been the biggest hit for me when having people over, and even playing alone. It comes with actual buzzers and tests so many different general knowledge aspects that it never gets old. The game keeps a history, so there’s almost never a repeat question and the different modes and games work brilliantly. Get some people in the same room as you and the banter between contestants is what sets this apart from the rest.

Heavenly Sword

Second to last in my list is another game by Ninja Theory, in Heavenly Sword. It seems a trend that Ninja Theory release great games that people don’t try out. Heavenly Sword is another of those that was released very early on in the generation’s cycle and that might be the reason why many have not played it. It’s another hack ‘n slash game with some great storytelling and characters. It also happens to make good use of the motion control on the Dual Shock 3, a rare thumbs up it shares with The Last of Us. It’s a great game and another that can be picked up on the cheap that is certainly worth your time.

All Wii Games

I know here on SA Gamer we do have our loyal Nintendo fans, but for the most part people seem to completely ignore the Wii side of things. Hell, most of you probably didn’t even realize I hadn’t mentioned a Wii game just yet. It’s because the console and the games are often overlooked, especially here in South Africa, and that is just a pity. I can name plenty that should be played, plenty that are worth your time and worth paying the small fee for what is actually a great little machine. Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Zack and Wiki, Warioware Smoothmoves, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess are just to name a few. DO IT.

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Let us know if there’s anything we missed!

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