Thief is being made into a movie


Video games making the jump to the silver screen seems to be the trend these days. There is an Assassins Creed movie on the way, talks of a Halo movie and maybe even an Uncharted movie. One game fans certainly are not hoping to see make the jump to cinema is Thief. However a movie based on the game is in development according to the Tracking Board . The movie will be produced by Adrian Askarieh and Roy Lee. You might have seen Askarieh’s work in the 2007 Hitman movie and Vertigo for The Lego Movie.

There is no news yet in terms of the storyline, and if the movie will follow the Square Enix reboot of the very first game. The Tracking Board does however refer the game from 1999, so perhaps it based its based on the Edios originals. Speaking of Thief movies, you really should check out our Thief parody video over here on the Super2bit YouTube channel.  The channel is shiny and new so please subscribe. Your subscription will be rewarded with a personal bro fist from me in the comments section. Check the video out below if you haven’t seen it.

Source: VG247

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