Media Molecule Gets “Trippy” On Its New PS4 Project

Media Molecule

So there I was lurking on YouTube, as I often do in the evenings, when I was looking through the channels I subscribe to. I then noticed that Media Molecule had released a new video. I spotted the words ‘new project’ and read no further, clicked on the video and was confused out of my mind.

What you will see below is one trippy video, which the guys at Media Molecule describe as something a glitch in their upcoming game caused. It revealed pretty much nothing but for some reason I kept watching it to see if I can get a clue to what is possibly going on here. We know they aren’t working on LittleBigPlanet 3, which has been handed over to another developer… so what on earth are these guys up to!?

The video is fun if not revealing, and being a psychologist I can assess your comments on what you see in the video, like the inkblot test. The answer is that YOU’RE ALL FREAKS! But yeah, watch the video if you want and have a guess at what they might be working on if you dare.


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