PC gamers, GTA V won’t be cheap


With the release of the current generation of consoles the costs of games have skyrocketed by quite some margin. Gone are the days that we paid R600 for a game (even then we complained). The one saving grace came in the form of PC Gaming. PC games at retail have always been much cheaper than console games because of licensing and various other costs. Well, looks like that’s something of the past. You’re about to pay top Dollar for your GTA V game on PC. It will set you back just under R700. That’s just R100 cheaper than the console versions on current generation consoles.

At first I thought that it’s South Africa that’s being screwed over, but it’s not the case. A quick look at Amazon shows you this:



Games have become very expensive, no matter the platform you own. How do you feel about this and how will you go about buying games going forward?

Source: RARU

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