You can finally transfer data from one Wii U to another


Being Nintendo there’s always a catch when it comes to most things they do. If you’re a multiple Wii U owner in one house (believe me, there actually are) then this is not quite what you were hoping for. Nintendo are rolling out a Wii U 5.1.0 update that will allow you to transfer all your data, save files and Nintendo Network ID’s from one Wii U to another.

If ever you were keen on picking up a limited edition or wanted to upgrade from the basic to the deluxe model this was never an option. Before this update there was no way of transferring the data. Problem is this – once you transfer the data to your new Wii U the original console will be formatted to factory settings. If you were planning multiple consoles in one house you’re still in the same boat.

Here’s the breakdown of the new features included in the update. If you’re a bit confused when it comes to the transferring of data this might be of assistance.

Source: Nintendo

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