Download this mod to upgrade Watch_Dogs to the E3 2012 demo visuals


The E3 2012 reveal for Watch_Dogs left most of us staring at the screen in awe of how beautiful the game looked. Since then the game saw many visual downgrades, and the end result did not live up to its first reveal. A man by the name of ‘The Worse’ did not let the downgrade stop him from playing the version we all saw at the 2012 E3 reveal.

Its aim was boost the PC version of the games visuals to that of the E3 2012 demo, and somehow it succeeds. With this final version of the mod running the game truly looks very close to that of the first reveal. Don’t believe us? You can see for yourself in the below screen shots. If you want to download the mod to check it out simply click here, any takers out there?

Source: VG247

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