FIFA 15 Putting You In Control


It’s almost that time of the year when all the annual sport games release to the pleasure of many (and the moaning of some). For those that are keen followers of the FIFA series will no doubt be excited to see what is coming next and what will be improved upon in the next FIFA.

The latest trailer from EA focuses on more gameplay aspects that they will have you believe are really going to change the game. This trailer looks at control and agility of players on the ball. It highlights things such as closer control by players making sure you don’t lose the ball as easily and the ability to inject a bit of pace after turning past a player. It’s something that, quite honestly, I remember hearing of two years ago. Sure it does look more fluid but I am not convinced this looks that different, and I say that being a huge fan of the series.

Don’t be mistaken, I am still looking forward to the new game and will welcome any updates, especially in terms of agility where I am just sick of always being pushed off the ball regardless who my player is, while the AI can never be pushed off at all. If it is well-balanced and control actually plays a part in that then I will be well pleased.

If you want to see some marketing spin have a look at the latest FIFA trailer below. Or do you think it will actually be different? Let us know.


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