Remember that new Bioshock tease? It was for an iOS port

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Recently 2K Games teased a return to Rapture, it left us very excited and holding our breath for a new Bioshock title, or perhaps a remake of some sort. Well the suspense is over, and so is our excitement because the tease was for an iOS port of Bioshock. Why would we need an iOS version of one of the greatest FPS games ever made with downgraded visuals and fiddly touch controls? GameSpot even had hands-on with it and said it is pretty much unplayable without a controller.

Controlling an FPS with touch controls is one of the worst ideas, yet we still see tons of new FPS games making the jump to tablet. Well it seem’s this horrible iOS port will be one of the last games we will see out of the franchise for a while. This news has made me sad, how about you? *sniff*


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