Is Evolve Still Flying Under Your Radar?

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We did a post the other day showcasing one of the monsters from Evolve in a trailer, and there was some feedback in the comments suggesting a bit of disinterest in the game. It got me wondering whether this is a common conception around the gaming circles or is it limited to a few people? Now with the delay to 2015 it might perhaps fall more in line with your buying schedule.

Personally, I didn’t even know of Evolve before Megarom kindly brought it through to South Africa for us to play it, after Dawid gave me some impressions on it. It all sound very interesting. I then got to see it first-hand and was very impressed with what I saw. So why is it that people are still not really hyped for the game?

It is because the trailers don’t quite do it justice? Does it seem like a pointless capture the monster exercise to you? Or perhaps the online is what is putting you off most? It’s weird how Evolve sort of came out of nowhere, but the hype coming from those that have tried it is most certainly real and you might be sorry for not paying attention to it.

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It’s also something we crave in a new IP trying something remarkably different so that should almost be reason enough to support it (if it is good of course). The 4 vs 1 idea works so well with each person having a different role in the group. You need to strategise and do so well in order to capture the monster who isn’t some dumb AI, but another player-controlled enemy with its own strategy.  Then again, if you are the monster you have to change up everything and try to defeat your would be captors.

Another thing worth mentioning is that everyone who plays it swears by its intensity and a feeling that no other games really give you. If your interest is not even a little bit piqued then you might want to take a trip to the doctor.

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I know game prices are high these days, but I think you are making a big mistake ignoring this one completely. Maybe take a look at your priority buys and slot this in somewhere for something very different.

Or perhaps you just don’t know enough about the game to have an interest in it? If that’s the case, please ask questions here. Dawid, David, the others and myself have tried it and we can definitely give you a bit more guidance on the game. Trust us on this one.

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