This is why Sunset Overdrive is not coming to PS4


At a quick glance the rest of the year is not looking too great for exclusive titles. It’s perhaps also something to do with the fact that the Xbox One has not launched in South Africa yet. Once it does there will be quite a few exclusives on the console, though some of those are nearly a year old in other countries. There is however Sunset Overdrive, which is yet to launch. The once ‘Sony Exclusive’ developer has changed their allegiance to join the force at Microsoft. Why’s that?

Ted Price, CEO of Insomniac Games, explained why they moved their new title over to the Xbox brand:

[quote]We have a long history and great relationship with Sony and we will continue to work closely with them moving forward. However when Microsoft announced the Xbox One we felt that what Microsoft was offering in terms of the platform feature set and Xbox Live presence was a great match for Sunset Overdrive.

For example, our multiplayer mode in the game called Chaos Squad supports eight players traversing a giant open world together to take on randomized missions. This is not a simple feature to create. Yet Microsoft’s muscle on the platform and Xbox Live fronts has been invaluable in helping us create a unique multiplayer experience. Furthermore the overall partnership has been seamless, and we’ve been extremely happy with the level of support and commitment we’ve received for Sunset Overdrive. [/quote]

Don’t be too concerned about their new-found love for the Xbox One. Ted Price was quick to confirm that they’re still an independent developer and will likely work with Sony in the future again:

[quote]We’re still an independent developer. Why do I mention that? First, a lot of people assume that we’re part of some larger organization; that’s never been the case. Second, one of the benefits of operating as an independent studio and creating and owning one’s IP is that you can develop for the platforms that make the most sense for the game.[/quote]

So, could we see Sunset Overdrive making it’s way to the PS4 in the long run, along with the inevitable sequel? Remember what happened to Mass Effect in the last generation? Smells like that to me.

Source: Games Revolution

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