Your Local Gamescom Press Conference Schedule with stream links!


Gamescom probably doesn’t get quite the same hype that E3 does, but it is very much a huge part of the year and some even believe that it is better and bigger than E3. We can hardly argue about more shows giving us a look at the games to come and all the awesome things happening in the industry we love so much.

Gamescom kicks off tomorrow in Cologne, Germany so be sure to keep checking the SA Gamer site for the latest news to come out of Gamescom. There are, of course, the press conferences being held by the big guys in the Industry (except Nintendo who do their digital thingy…). Here’s a look at the times you need to be aware of.

Call of Duty Multiplayer

Okay, it’s not actually one of the big conferences, but Sledgehammer Games will be showing off their Multiplayer vision for the upcoming CoD: Advanced Warfare. It’s meant to be drastically different and we expect some good things so if you want to take a look at that, here are the details:

Date – 11 August 2014 (TODAY)

Time – 19:00

Stream – It will be on and Xbox Live ONLY. (Try their Twitch channel)

Microsoft Conference

With the Xbox One releasing here in just over a month, the MS conference is very exciting to watch knowing that we will finally be able to enjoy what is on offer. We should be seeing some Quantum Break and more Halo, probably some Sunset Overdrive and Forza Horizon 2, but will there be any surprises? Let us know what you think.

Here are the details for the conference:

Date – 12 August 2014

Time – 14:00 (Local Time)

Stream: Click here to watch the stream

Sony Conference

Sony Conferences are always fun and we can be sure that this one will follow suit. There are many happy PS4 owners but some are still not quite convinced. Hopefully we see some more Uncharted 4, some LBP3 and I’m sure we will have some surprises. The Last Guardian anyone? Very unlikely but we can dream right?

Date – 12 August 2014

Time – 19:00 (Local Time)

Stream: Click here to watch it

EA Conference

The EA Conference at E3 was desperately boring as we saw more of the games we have already seen, mixed with lots of developer videos which told us very little. Apparently this conference is going to be 2 hours long so let’s hope it is a better showing than the E3 one. Mirror’s Edge and Mass Effect would be great to see, though everyone knows I will be happy with a bit of FIFA, and David just wants some Battlefront… Silly ‘Star Trek’ games. Let’s see what happens.

Date – 13 August 2014

Time – 10:00 (Local Time)

Stream: Click here to watch it live

Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain

Lastly there’s the Konami Twitch presentation for Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain which will showcase and hour of the game. If MGS flows through your blood like it does for Kyle and Dawid you won’t want to miss that!

Date – 13 August 2014

Time – 20:00 (Local Time)

Stream: Click here to watch it live

There you have it guys and gals. I hope you enjoy Gamescom and are excited as I am for it. Feel free to shout below on what you are hoping to see over the next few days!


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