PES 2015 gets a release date along with a demo


With everything that’s happening at Gamescom it’s perhaps surprising that Konami announced the release of PES just before the EA conference. PES 2015’s demo will be available on 17 September (one week ahead of the FIFA 15 release date I might add) and on shelves 13 November.

What makes this specific title such a big deal is that it’s the first time that PES will be available for current generation consoles. It also offers new features. A new shooting system, indivisual player dribbling abilities and an improved close control for on-on-one encounters improves from what we witnessed in PES 2014. Expect it to look rather good when it comes to graphics as it will make use of the FOX Engine, used in MGS V: Ground Zeroes, as well as the recent P.T. demo (which we now know as Silent Hills)


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