FEZ developer goes on a Twitter rampage


If the name ‘Phil Fish’ sounds familiar it’s because he’s the brains behind the popular FEZ title, that also recently just launched on the PS4 as a free PS+ download. If you by chance played the game on any of the various platforms you’d know that FEZ was something incredibly special. For the first time in years it was a unique take on a blend of puzzles and platforming.

Unfortunately the negative part of the gaming community drove Phil Fish over the cliff, who was at the time in development with FEZ 2, and vowed not to ever release the game. Since then there’s been an outcry from gamers around the world and now Fish has had enough and took to Twitter to set things straight:


He did not stop at that statement though. He went in for the kill.



So, if you just downloaded the game for the first time on the PlayStation Store be aware that it’s all you’ll ever get to play. Best you enjoy it… and don’t ask him about the sequel on Twitter, unless you’re a ‘Jarred’ (Troll).

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