Finally, a Rugby 15 video


HB Studios have been very busy with their new rugby game, aptly named Rugby 15. Since we’ve heard of it things have been very quiet, but we finally have a video for our patience. What’s sadly apparent is that there are no licenses for the international sides or southern hemisphere clubs (you know, the ones that actually matter). In this video it looks as if the All Blacks are playing Argentina and it’s looking rather bland to be honest. The All Blacks have some kind of red colour on their jerseys, which is disappointing. Even the letters that spells ‘Gilbert’, if it is in fact that, are mirrored on the ball.

It’s only the Beta version, but at this point you’d hope for a little bit more. It looks as if there’s some kind of generic Top 14 and Pro D2 tournaments (whatever that might mean), along with Aviva Premiership Rugby (a UK-based tournament) which include the license to teams such as Saracens and Wasps.

Rugby 15 is scheduled to be in stores at the end of this year on PS3, Xbox 360, PC, PS Vita, Xbox One and PS4.

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