FBI is now involved with hackers bomb threat to Sony Online President


Over the weekend many of you discovered that PSN was down because of DDOS attacks via hackers. A group, called LizardSquad, attacked Sony and several other gaming-related services over the weekend, but things went one step too far this time. They sent out a bomb threat while the Sony Online President, John Smedley, was on American Airlines. The jet was diverted to Phoenix, which was originally intended to land in San Diego.

Smedley confirmed this by tweeting this:

When it comes to bomb threats the FBI don’t quite mess around with it and they are now currently working on the case. Game Informer was told the following by a Sony spokesperson:

[quote]The FBI is currently handling the situation at this time. We have no further comment[/quote]

The PlayStation Network is now slowly but surely going live around the globe, but this is perhaps another wake up call and reminder of what happened a few years ago. Let’s also hope they the people involved with the bomb threat get what’s coming their way.

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