KaraokeDAM Coming To The XBox ONE In Japan

KaraokeDAM Xbox One

Karaoke is a big deal in Japan. We know this. So do Microsoft and they are set to have a variety of unique Xbox One apps for Japan. These apps include a NicoNico viewer as well as a localized Amazon movie viewer.

More importantly, the Japanese Xbox One service will also include a KaraokeDAM which consists of a comprehensive library of songs from the DAM karaoke booths across Japan. The KaraokeDAM includes over 100,000 songs that will be increased with 200 songs a week. Kinect is supported by the app and users will be able to upload their favourite videos.

Currently the PlayStation 4 is the only current gen console that doesn’t have a karaoke app with Nintendo’s Wii U having a partnership karaoke specialist Joysound.

Karaoke@DAM is set for release on the Japanese Xbox One store later this year.

Source: Xbox Japan


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