Own Don’t Starve On PS4? Then You Get The Vita Version Free

Dont starve

Not everyone loves Klei Entertainment’s killer game, but for the select few of you out there, you’ll be able to get the PS Vita version for free. Jamie Cheng, founder of Klei Entertainment, mentioned that the PS Vita version of Don’t Starve, titled Don’t Starve: Giant Edition, will be released on 3 September and it that will be cross-buy compatible. This means if you already own the game for the PS4 (including those who managed to nab the game for free earlier this year) will be able to download the PS Vita version at no cost. The great thing about this download is that it comes with the Reign of Giants DLC. I’m not sure if you get the DLC for the PS4 version if you buy the PS Vita version though, but I don’t see that happening.

If you don’t own Don’t Starve, the PS Vita version will set you back €13.99 (about R200), but you can expect that price to go down after a little while. This game has a habit of popping up in Sony’s sales.  The one unfortunate bit about this game is that it’s not cross-save compatible, so you won’t be able to load any older games and you’ll once again have to unlock all your characters – something I am not looking forward to. Are you looking forward to diving into Maxwell’s little hellground on the Vita, or are you just going to give this game a skip?

Source: Playstation Blog

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